Barbara & John Smith

The Coffee Beanery was opened in 2007 by Barbara and John Smith.


Relaxing, enjoying a cup of coffee, meeting new people, taking stress away is the reason for The Coffee Beanery. Inspired by the lack of business-friendly coffee shops available, they decided to start one up themselves. Opening their first location downtown in 2007, Barbara & John decided to start a business that they loved and hoped to make people feel the same. "We were tired of going to those chain coffee shops and feeling like just a customer. Here, you feel like family. Sit back, relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee with our "family", and see why people keep coming back." Years later, the couple has opened up two of The Coffee Beanery's and seen immense success within the downtown community.

With two locations in the rapidly-growing downtown area, The Coffee Beanery aims to provide on-the-go individuals with a sanctuary for work and relaxation. Equipped with lightening-fast Wi-Fi, and a combination of workstations, secluded chairs, and comfortable meeting areas, The Coffee Beanery is perfect for any personal or professional activity.

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